Tuesday, April 15, 2014

3 Years Old

My little guy turned 3 yesterday! I cannot believe how fast time goes by! It seems like just yesterday I was anticipating his arrival with lots of excitement and anxiety.  What a life changer it is becoming a parent.  I love it and am so happy that Jaxon made me a Mom. :)

With that being said, I love birthdays and making it a special day for my family.  We had a fun filled weekend for Jaxon's 3rd birthday!  It began with his birthday party with his friends on Saturday at Pioneer Gymnastics.  A time where the kids ran free, climbed, jumped on the trampoline, played in a foam pit, went in the bounce house (which Jaxon made very clear he would NOT go in), had pizza, cake and all passed out immediately following! 

Then yesterday, on his actual birthday, he woke up to a balloon surprise when he opened his door, had waffles with peanut butter and sprinkles with a candle and we sang to him, got donuts, went to the park, watched a few requested shows on TV, had family over for steak dinner (as requested) and a Planes cake, as talked about for the past month.  He said it was a great day = success :)

Jaxon at 3 years old:
30 pounds
Loves cars, trucks, airplanes.
Loves being outside.
Can throw a Frisbee better than me.
Likes soccer, red light green light, hide and seek.
Likes to climb and jump and throw himself on the ground.
Is a thinker - likes seeing how things work.
Likes popcorn and a movie.
Has to sleep with his blue blanket and tag.
When he wakes up - he announces to the world he is awake as loud as he can.
(Typically this wakes up his little sis).
Loves to talk about our day before bed, detail by detail, and chooses his favorite part of the day before bedtime prayers.

Jaxon - You are such a joy in our lives and we love you!  I wanted to make sure this day was documented, because (confession) I am still not done with our 2013 yearbook!  You are such a smart, fun, exciting, determined, logical and happy little boy.  Your laughter fills a room and you never stop making me smile.  We love you so much!
Here is a recap of your 3rd birthday weekend:

Patiently waiting to go to your gymnastics party.


Love, Mom <3

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