Thursday, June 30, 2016

20 Things to do While Waiting to Onboard with LuLaRoe

**Edited to add my Amazon shopping list with product links at end**

Once you have decided to sign up with LuLaRoe the wait can feel like forever!  Trust me I know! However, there are many things you can do to utilize your wait time and be productive in getting ready for the big launch!! Here is my list of 20 things to do while waiting to onboard with LuLaRoe! There are many more but this will help get you started!

1. Decide on/order business cards. 
-Price them out and make sure to look for discount codes. Vistaprint has some good deals and discount codes. You can also get them at which seems easier because they are fully created for you.
2. Decide on giveaways to grow your following and how to grow your following in general. This will have to be another post. I have lots of examples if you are interested in the meantime!
3. Speaking of email - create your LuLa email. I suggest LuLaRoe plus your first and last name to keep it simple. 
4. Research shipping options. USPS,, to name a few. Decide which is best for YOU :) If you create a USPS account they provide you with free shipping supplies. 
5. Decide on an area you plan to store your clothing. Do you have an extra bedroom you can turn into a LuLaLounge? Are you short on space and need to be creative? 🙋🏼 I am! 
6.  Research and decide on storage bins and travel bags. Ikea is a great source  and also shop local places for inexpensive plastic bins. Job Lot and Ocean State sometimes have good deals. Price them out and then watch for sales during your wait! 
7. Hangers! You will need lots of them. Best deal I have found is 35 for $10 at Costco and they are felt. Don't have a Costco membership? Get one or find someone that does! ;) 
8. Open a separate bank account. Much easier to manage. You may also want to have a separate credit card for inventory orders to keep everything organized. Make sure it's a card that generates points or miles as rewards! 
9. Clothing racks - sturdy and collapsible are recommended. Amazon is great and Bed Bath & Beyond also has some. Make sure to pair a 20% off coupon with your order! Don't have one? Find someone that does! ;) 
10. Join other groups and brainstorm with other consultants to get their best tips! 
11. Looks into Blitz Cards, customer scratch tickets and other ideas to ship with items. Just search "LuLaRoe Supplies" on and you will get lots of ideas of what is out there as options. Choose what is important to you! Then you can price shop online. 
12. Create your Facebook VIP group! Lots of info on this - too much for this post. Contact me with questions or to brainstorm! 
13. Make personal/business goals for yourself. I'm a numbers person so this comes easy. Decide what you want to make and then figure out how much you have to sell to achieve that daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goal. 
14. Make sure to ask your Sponsor lots of questions! Don't have a sponsor yet? Make sure you choose someone that will help and guide you! Again, feel free to contact me with questions. 
15. What is your "why" and how will you brand yourself? Decide. 
16. Research the different ways to make your business easier! Shop the Roe, LuLaPad, Excel Spreadsheets, Google Docs. The options are endless so do your research NOW!
17. Network and spread the word you are thinking about or in the process of becoming a consultant. Let your excitement show and get others excited! 
18. Research the versatility and sizing options of the clothing so when your inventory comes you are knowledgable and a pro! 
19. Watch YouTube videos about joining. (My YouTube is LuLaRoeErinRosario if you are interested). 
20. Be positive and have patience! The best is yet to come! 💗

~Erin Leigh 

PS - Bonus tip! Price shop for a mannequin (smallest size) and lighting options for photo taking. Again - Amazon is great! 

PSS - Here is my link to my Amazon shopping list with links for products to order! LuLaRoe Shopping List for Quebies

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  1. Thank you! Can you link your amazon shopping list for queries again please? It says file not found. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for a great article. I'd love to hear more ideas for space....I don't personally have an extra room in my home. I've debated many ideas but would love some ideas.