Sunday, June 19, 2016

LuLaRoe Business Start-Up

Ok - so the last month I have been contemplating (as in overtaking my brain obsessing with) becoming a LuLaRoe Consultant and I've been googling and pinteresting (if that's a word?) looking for blog posts and articles to read on the steps to joining LuLaRoe and to get my questions answered but I'm not finding EXACTLY what I'm looking for.... So what do I decide to do? Create my own posts! This is post #1 about my business venture and I plan to document the entire process in case others out there are wondering the same questions as me! 

Ok, so what is LuLaRoe and why am I interested? 

LuLaRoe is a clothing line that is sold by independent consultants. It is a very young company, under 5 years old and is on track to hit $70 million in sales this year because the clothes are that amazing and they have a very successful business model. The sizing ranges to fit all bodies and styles and there are many clothing styles to choose from. One of the things I like about LuLaRoe is the variety of patterns. They only make a set number of items per pattern (only about 200 per size!!) so if myself and my BFF or neighbor are both consultants and place our orders for inventory, chances are we won't get ANY of the same pieces! This allows us to offer more options to our network. I also love that the pieces are flattering for all body shapes and sizes and help make women feel comfortable in their own skin. I love helping others feel confident and feel good about themselves and this is just another way! Plus, I also love that they have kids clothes! My daughter as a pair of LLR leggings and it's her favorite because they are so comfy and I know they will fit her for at least another year or two based on how the sizing works! One of my favorite items is the Julia which I even wore throughout my recent pregnancy and got more compliments than with any other outfits! 

Not only do I like the clothes but I like the business opportunity. I have some experience with marketing both through my career as well as my Younique business and enjoy marketing and networking. I like that it is something that can be done from home in my own time providing additional income for my family for extra money. I also love the idea of growing an online network and meeting other women, making new friendships and learning from others! :)

So I'm interested in joining. Now what do I do? 

This is what I was having a hard time finding the exact steps. I was looking for everything to be spelled out for me so I'm sharing with you! 

1. You need to find a Sponsor. Your Sponsor is someone that will provide you with the documents needed to sign up and give you guidance through the process plus provide you training once you onboard! This person is key to your success so make sure to ask lots of questions and make sure it is someone you are comfortable with and can learn from. (If you don't already have a sponsor I'm happy to chat and discuss the business with you. You can email me at 

2. One you find a Sponsor, you need to fill out your basic information to start the process of getting into the queue. Once you fill out the basic information you will receive your Consultant ID # to get the process started.  You will receive an email explaining to you what documents you need to fill out and email back to  The documents are:

-Signed independent Consultant Agreement (first and last page only)
-Voided check (see below for more details)
-Initial package (inventory related)
-Consultant ID (provided for you after you give your basic information when signing up

The voided check is for your payments to be set up. There is NO payment or credit card information due at this time. This was a huge area of research for me! I did not want to give payment information right away until the order was actually placed. There will be no credit card information required until you have your onboarding call and they actually place your initial order. This made me feel much more comfortable!

3.  What is the cost? 
The start up cost depends on your initial order. It tends to be between $5,000-$6,000 for 300+ pieces. That scared me away at first but don't let it!! That cost is paying for all those items and you can more than double your profit. For example, my initial order is about $5,200 but if I sell all the inventory it will sell for just over $12,000!!!!  That's more than double my initial investment. I'll take it!

I look at it this way - if I get my order and hate running the business, I will more than make back my investment. The company also offers to buy back items for a 15% restocking fee so you still do not lose out on money. I feel like you never know unless you try something if it's for you so what's to lose?! I always find success with taking risks and it helps me learn and grow so this is just another adventure I'm excited to start!! 

4.  What next? 
Ok, so you made the decision, signed your forms and filled out your first order form...Next you wait for your onboarding call. It can take currently from 6-8 weeks to receive the call. Only a certain amount of people are onboarded each day. During this wait time you can start getting your business and supplies ready for when your shipment comes in so you are ready to get started! (Another post will be coming on this with more details. Stay tuned)! 

5. Onboarding call - when you get this call you will confirm your order over the phone (it can be changed at this point if you want) and give your form of payment. You can pay in any form or multiple forms of payment to get started. 

6. Wait for your order and get ready to have fun!! Stalk UPS because it will be like Christmas morning when that delivery comes!! And start spreading the word! Plan your launch party and more! I have many other ideas and ways for you to prep your business while you wait so feel free to email me to chat if I don't get the blog posts done in time to answer your questions! I love blogging but I'm a busy mama these days! 😊 

I'm excited for my journey and sharing with you! 

~Erin Leigh 

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