Friday, March 7, 2014

Taking a Break

I am taking a break from blogging.  I am going to continue to experiment with making my own recipes and use my blog as an online recipe bank so I can always find my favorites.  I plan to share certain family events, milestones and activities that I would want to remember and share with my children down the road.  So basically, I have decided that I am going to use it for my own personal data storage rather than for reaching others.

There are several reasons I made this decision, but I will keep it simple.  There are too many distractions in the world today and my time is precious.  I want less distractions to allow me to be more focused on the things that are important to me such as my family, my friends and my career. Although it isn't a direct distraction from those things since I blog during my downtime, I feel like technology is everywhere and I want to take a break from it in areas that I have a choice in.  I have a Facebook account, a blog Facebook, my work Facebook that I run, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked In, my blog, my yahoo email, gmail email and work email.  It is actually really ridiculous when I think about all the accounts.  So, I am basically taking a break from all of it or decreasing my time on it (except my work email...where my emails are always increasing!).

I have stopped browsing social media and blogging since the beginning of the month to see if I felt like it made a difference and it has.  I feel less distracted and more focused on the important things.  So...that being said...I am going to continue! 

If you feel like you have too many distractions, I challenge you to give some up or take a break from them!  You will thank me!  :) 

~Erin Leigh

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  1. Just wanted to say congrats on a big (and wise) step! Hope your time off is serving you well, Erin!