Sunday, December 8, 2013

Half Way There

Well...I am officially half way through Insanity!  I can honestly say a few things. 

1.  I love intense workouts but they are definitely exhausting.
2.  I have missed a few workouts. I am only human and people get sick in the winter.
3.  I don't feel much different but I am glad I took my Proof of Progress photos.
4.  Did I mention that the workout is insane?? 
5.  I am always looking to improve myself! Bring it on round 2! 

When I first took the Week 4 picture I texted my husband and said, "seriously...4 weeks of that and there are no results except that my legs look bigger?"  Haha!  But when I really look at the picture, I can tell that I lost some belly fat and I think my legs actually look bigger because of the way I am standing (I hope).  My jeans are looser and my upper body is more defined (it better be after the amount of push ups I have done this past month) I know my body has changed...but not drastically.

What better time to do these intense high calorie burning workouts than during the holiday season?!  I am looking forward to taking the final picture and comparing to week 1!  The final day just happens to be the day we leave for Mexico! (Still trying to figure out what time I will have to get up to get that workout in with a flight that leaves at 6:30am)! Now I need to plug away for another month!  Fit Test again tomorrow! Hoping to see more improvements!  Here are my first month photos:

Week 1                  Week 5

Week 1                 Week 5
What have YOU been doing for workouts?? Any suggestions for me for when I finish Insanity and return from Mexico? I am sure I will be ready for another workout plan after indulging in food and drinks beachside!

Relaxation awaits!
I encourage you to make a fitness goal and stick to it!  If nothing else, accomplishment is a good feeling! :)

~Erin Leigh


  1. Your pictures are killing me! I need to take a picture just si i can see my starting point, but i am not sure i am ready to move on from there yet, ugh! Have fun in mexico!

  2. Take a picture! You won't regret it as you see improvements! :)