Friday, December 6, 2013

Say "Cheese"

Does anyone else love pictures as much as me?  My kids sometimes will pick up my phone and instead of saying "hello" and pretend to talk to someone, they put it in front of their face and say "cheese" because they are so used to me taking their picture.  I can't help it.  I love documenting their little lives and love looking back at the progression of them changing from newborns to the little toddlers they are now.  Same thing with my's nice to look back at pictures of when we were first together and see how our relationship has evolved. So many memories made. I love reminiscing! (Although, when looking back, I also am reminded how much older we look now! I blame it on the kids)!  No but really, pictures tell a story and I love them!

This fall I decided it is necessary for us to have family pictures done yearly.  Our last family picture was when Anya was born, so it seemed to make sense to do them in the fall, 1 year later. I have always wanted to do the fall family pictures with the fall foliage and matching outfits! So...we did it!

We had them done by Leah Martin from Leah Martin Photography. She actually did our wedding photos 4 1/2 years ago when she worked for another company and since then, has started her own business.  We loved her as our wedding photographer so I wanted to use her again!  I loved everything about our wedding day and she captured our day so perfectly!  Here are some images from our photobook...

Not only did she get the look everyone wants to see...his face when I walked down the aisle...(And yes, those were tears of joy) ;)

...but she also captured my complete happiness when I saw him :)

Love this...especially my Dad kissing my cheek :)

Love these two with my girls...


Some of my favorite humans all together.

Shakin it

One of the funniest moments captured!  The guys were cheering and the girls were shocked because the DJ said, "I think this is the best looking bridal party I have ever seen...and the girls aren't that bad either!" Haha!

Love the reflection photo!
So that was a little walk down memory lane, and another reminder of how much older I look!  Anyways, like I mentioned, this fall we had Leah do our family pictures!  Once again, we were very happy with how they came out! We met at Forest Park on an overcast Sunday.  I was slightly nervous about the weather when I woke up in the morning, but the pictures came out great. It even started to rain at the end (thankfully at the end) so we got a few cute shots in the rain.  Talk about creative! :)
Here are a few...

Yes, Anya is already posing in pictures.

Love candid photos! :)

Love this :)

My little loves!

Another reflection photo :)
Then it started to rain!

Just playing in some wet leaves...

Jaxon is actually crying in this picture...but it's so sweet.

There you have it...a peek at our fall photo shoot!  I love how our outfits came out too.  Leah had given me color scheme recommendations knowing the colors of the foliage at Forest Park.  Sometimes, although you capture every day moments at home or on the go, it's nice to have someone that has fresh ideas and some experience who can come up with creative shots and give you good quality pictures to have forever. :)  If you like these pictures you should check out her Facebook page to view some of her work. You can also view more of our family photos from the shoot here.  In addition to weddings and family photos she does maternity and newborn pictures and photos for other events as well!    Surprise! She is offering a 20% discount for anyone that uses the code FITFUN2013 now through January 1!  Gift certificates make great Christmas gifts or pictures make great gifts for yourselves!  :)  I am working on a canvas spread for our living room now!

If you are thinking about having photos done or you know someone that is you will NOT be disappointed! It's a great local small businesses to support! :) 

~Erin Leigh

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