Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mom's Running Group

It's already December!  It came quick but before we know it, it will be Spring again!  (Ok, it may not come that quickly, but I am thinking ahead)!  You know what Spring means? Well, for me it means time to hit the pavement running again! I am enjoying the Insanity workout but I am missing running a lot. I didn't realize it until I went for a run on Sunday afternoon.  It felt great! (Although it's much better when it's nice out)! 

So, in planning ahead (I am a planner), I thought I would mention that my friend and I have talked about starting a Mom's Running Group.  I am in the beginning of the planning phases but we have a few routes in mind in the local area.  I'm going to run them and get the exact distance beforehand. Then after our run, the kids can play at a playground together while us Moms do what Moms do....chase our kids around the park! Haha, but no really, we can chat and hang out and let our kids get some exercise after we finish our workout!  It's great having other people help to keep you motivated! I know it helps for me!

And for other people who aren't local, I was thinking of finding a way for you to be involved too if interested!

But, first things first Moms, you need a jogger!  If you don't have one already and are planning ahead, maybe Christmas is a good time to get one!

These are the ones I have:

Single Jogger:  Baby Trend Expedition
Double Jogger:  Baby Trend Navigator

Since I had a Baby Trend first and I liked it I stuck with the brand for the double jogger.  I have used them both a lot and I have never had any problems!  A few key selling points for me for the double was that it is one of the smaller double jogging strollers you can find and comes with a snack tray and canopy separate for each seat.  It's a solid stroller, turns easily and is about 25 pounds. 

So, let me know if the Mom's Running Group is something you are interested in and share with other Moms you think may be interested too!  I will plan some dates/times/locations when the nice weather gets closer but wanted anyone interested to have time to think about the jogging stroller.  I think it will be a great time for Moms to exercise, motivate each other and help keep other accountable to live a healthy lifestyle...while giving the kids some time to play!  What do you think??

~Erin Leigh

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