Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Coffee Anyone?

Have you ever gotten a much desired (ok let's be serious, needed) ice coffee, iced latte or other cold drink on a hot summer day, only to find that within seconds your ice melts, waters down the drink and the cup condensates and drips all over you or anything it touches?  You cannot tell me that has never happened to you?  Moms? How often? At one point, I stopped getting iced coffees before going to the park with my kids during the summer because by the time I got around to having my third sip, that was the outcome so it was never worth it.  On the flip side, how about keeping hot coffees hot?  Once again, I'm pretty sure that if I do not drink my coffee(s) before my kids wake up, it ends up in the microwave more than in my hand.  Some days, I reheat my coffee again before I even take it out of the microwave because I never got around to taking a sip from the previous reheat.  (I'm not complaining here...just stating facts.  I wouldn't trade the craziness of two toddlers for anything).

Well, if that has happened to you too, you need to try out this product I ordered!  I had seen it online so I got it and love it! Not only is it super cute but practical...they keep iced coffees cold and also keep hot coffees hot. could you not want this? Amazing!

Not only is this a great product, but The Love, Mich Collection is a local handmade business with other products like zippy pouches, wristlets and tote bags. (Can you say stocking stuffer)??  If you don't know by now, I love supporting local businesses so The Love, Mich Collection is the Small Business Special of the week! :)

Here are a few of the fabric choices you can choose from. Cute right?

And a sample of one of the totes.  This one is my favorite!

I was able to talk to Michelle from The Love, Mich Collection and get a little biography on her business development and achievements and wanted to share!  It proves that with hard work and determination you can achieve your dreams!  I love stories like this! :)

"The Love, Mich Collection began in June 2008 with the Coffee Cozy. I had been sewing since I was a teenager and had a secret desire to have my own fashion line. At the time I was working as a paralegal and my fellow co-workers and I loved those Dunkin Donuts trips. In the summertime our iced coffees would sweat all over our desks, not cool! I decided to come up with something to wrap around the cup to keep the ice from melting so quickly and the cup from sweating all over your desk. A few samples later I came up with something that was awesome. The girls at work loved them too and I sent some along with one of them to a scrapbooking event. She sold almost all of them! Over the next few weeks and months I started to discover this whole world of handmade and independent artists. I thought, finally, something I can do on my own!

As the years passed I began to add other accessories to my collection and the line continued to grow. The collection now includes, the coffee cozies, tote bags, wristlets, and zippy pouches. I use only the best materials and try to source as much of my supplies from other businesses in the United States as I can.

I must also mention, I have the best customers and fans! Everyone is so supportive. I have been lucky enough to be featured in The Reminder Newspaper twice, Lioness Magazine, a segment on Simply Living as well as being named one of the Top Women to Watch in Western Mass in 2012! Also, this past summer I had the honor of including my zippy pouches in the celebrity swag bags at the GBK NY Fashion Week Luxury Gift Lounge!

So what is the moral of my story? You can do it. You can do anything you set your mind to! I still have so many dreams and goals for The Love, Mich Collection and I hope that you will follow along my journey!

Where can you find me? My shop is located at Make sure to visit the really awesome Giveaway on my Facebook page! ( You can also find a link to sign up for the newsletter which will include a bunch of amazing Black Friday Weekend deals!!"

Make sure to sign up for the newsletter and also check out her shop location on Etsy!  Her products can make great gifts!  And, take my advice and get a cozy...for yourself...especially you moms...and then thank me! :)

~Erin Leigh

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