Monday, November 11, 2013

Type A?

Happy Monday!  A brand new week ahead of us! Have you made your workout schedule yet for the week? Now that I am doing Insanity, I am finding it even easier because the workout schedule is already spelled out for me. If you aren't familiar with the workout, it dictates which workouts you do and on what days and tells you which days to rest (which are very few). This is so helpful because it isn't up to me to come up with a plan (since I am a Type A planner)! I just need to make the time in my schedule. I actually pop in the DVD the day before to look to see how long the next video is so I can plan accordingly. Then it is ready to go the next day. (Hence, Type A planner....)

Do you think you would find something like this helpful? Having a workout plan given to you a month at a time with the designated time needed for each workout? It is all part of the complete each workout on the designated day and track your progress.  I am curious to see if my before and after pictures will look anything like the ones you see on the ads for Insanity.  We will see! But regardless...I am loving this schedule I am on! Although the 4:45 alarm came quick this morning, it felt good when I completed a workout before 6.  Now I have the whole day ahead of me! :) So let me know, do you think having a month long workout plan would help you make a commitment to fitness or improve your current fitness level?

Enjoy your day! :)

~Erin Leigh

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