Thursday, November 21, 2013

Insanity Fit Test Results

This week is week 3 of Insanity.  Have I mentioned my love/hate relationship with it?!  It's such a great workout but the title "Insanity" is definitely fitting.  Although every single time I finish a workout I feel great!  Unfortunately, I have had to skip yesterday and today because I'm not feeling well (my loving children shared their colds with sweet).  ;)  I actually got dressed and went out to do the workout yesterday but then ended up coming right back in.  This morning, I didn't budge when the alarm went off.  I am so dead set on completing the challenge that I have a hard time that I'm missing a day (or two), but sometimes you need to listen to your body and take a break.  So, missing a few days out of 60 isn't going to make a huge difference. (That is me reminding myself....again...I have already told myself that 10 times this morning).  I think it's the mental part of how I take on challenges.  I take it seriously...clearly. 
Anyways, I figured I can show some progress.  Fit Test results!  For anyone who has not done this workout program before, the very first day you do a Fit Test which includes 8 exercises and you need to do as many as you can in 60 seconds.  You then repeat it every few weeks for the 60 days so you can track your improvements.
Here are my first two Fit Test comparisons:
I was definitely happy that I increased in each area. My husband's improvements were even better.  I'm so proud of him! :)  The Fit Test doesn't get easier, you just get better each time! 
This is a great quick workout even if you aren't doing the Insanity program so I thought I would share the moves with you and you can try it at home.
Make sure to warm up.  All you need is a stop watch.
I know sometimes it can be difficult to follow the diagram if you aren't already familiar with the moves so if you have any questions I'm happy to answer! It's definitely fresh in my mind! Haha :)  If you do it, feel free to share your results. Then do it again in a few weeks!  This is a great way to track progress in addition to taking photo comparisons.  If you haven't read my Proof of Progress post you can read it here. 
Well, I am off to go remedy this cold so I can be get back to being insane at 4:45 tomorrow morning! :)
~Erin Leigh
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