Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Beginning of Paleo

I have learned something while researching this Paleo diet. 

*This is going to be harder than I thought.*  (Seriously)

I think if I were single and making this change it would not be as difficult, but it involves three other people's daily food intake, which seems like it complicates things.

So, as a result I decided I am going to "start small."  I am going to start by giving up a few significant things that are not part of the diet and then add to it to progressively work towards this way of eating.  My first five include potatoes, rice, pasta, crackers and chips - effective yesterday.  The fact is, I already partially follow this diet.  I snack on almonds, I eat salads with protein for lunch, I eat eggs for breakfast, so I just need to eliminate the carbs that I eat along with it and substitute more protein/fruits/veggies.  (Then I will need to work on giving up the dairy).  So, those 5 items are first on my list and have been eliminated.  I am going to do this consistently for at least a week and then add to the list!

I know the purpose is to eat like the cavemen, but for me, it is not going to happen over night.  I am only human, with two toddlers (and a husband) to feed, and time is not always on my side. If I don't have the ingredients to throw together a complete paleo meal, then I am not going to stress about it.  My goal is to continue researching and working towards the end goal of "eating like a caveman."  Everyone needs to start somewhere and this progressive approach I think will work best for me!

So, with that being said, yesterday, with the help of my two little companions, was our first paleo shopping trip :)

Followed by our first paleo meal:

Steak, brussel sprouts, sweet potato, carrots and salad
The kids actually did great with it!

Then, I had a few Big Y cookies that I couldn't pass up at the store.  It was my Friday night cheat...and if you noticed, cookies are not on the list above! ;)  I told you I was starting small! No judgments!

Then this morning was scrambled eggs with ham.  So far it's going well!

I will keep you posted on the progress.  Thanks to those that have given me some different Paleo blogs to follow.  They are super helpful! :)  Keep them coming!

~Erin Leigh

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  1. Looking forward to following've inspired me to consider trying it!

  2. Thanks Lindsay! I hope to have some helpful tips and good recipes to share! :)