Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Stocking Stuffer Guide

I am not a "Black Friday" store shopper. I am a "shop from the comfort of my own home with a coffee and comfy clothes on" shopper.  The stores during the holidays don't always seem to bring out the best in people. I like to enjoy shopping and don't like the frustration of crowds or people fighting over items on sale.  The holidays are about cheerful giving and I like to keep my holiday cheer!  So, I try to do the majority of my shopping online!

I always loved stocking stuffers growing up and I want to make sure my family always loves their stockings too.  Ever wonder what to get? I always do!  I have been doing some online shopping and also looking for good deals, and figured, why not share ideas and good prices to help save others the need to search?  (I wish someone did it for me!) So...with that being said, here is a list of over 50 ideas for the whole family and some current deals I found with price ranges to fit all budgets!

Boot Socks  
Smart Touch Gloves
DVD (www.target.com is having some good holiday sales on DVD's).
Ear Warmers  (Great for outdoor exercising).
Ear Plugs (My husband cannot be the only one who tries to tune out midnight crying)??
Headphones (Got these identical headphones for my hubby last year - he loves them because they don't fall out of his ears when working out)!
Hand Warmers
Bomber Hat (add check out code WL1004568580 for an extra 20% off)
Gadgets - What guy doesn't like gadgets? There are some great gadgets at www.brookstone.comHere are a few deals I found: Key Finder - Flashlight - Wireless Mini Speaker - Cocktail Mixer
Cologne (www.macys.com is having some good sales right now)
Watch (other good watch deals on www.macys.com )

A few more ideas you can be creative with:
Gift card - Could be $5 for coffee or a gift card for a massage, dinner out
Tickets - To a concert or a sporting event
Certificate - Make a certificate for something he would like. A favorite homemade dessert. A night out. You can be creative...
Pack of gum
Favorite Candy
$5 bill - who doesn't need a little cash on them every now and then?
Something thoughtful :)
Boot Socks (Can you say $6 bargain)?
Cozy Socks
Essie Nail Polish (We can never have enough).
Chick Flick (www.target.com is having some sales on DVD's)
Earrings, Bracelet, Necklace (50% off accessories at Lux Boutique through November) - Inexpensive or expensive - a girl always love accessories! :)
Watch (www.macys.com is having some other good sales like this one & this one )
Electronics Handbag
Perfume (www.macys.com is having some good perfume deals)
A few more ideas you can be creative with: (similar the guys list above)
Gift card - Could be $5 for coffee or a gift card for a manicure or pedicure, dinner out, a favorite store
Pack of gum
Favorite Candy
$5 bill - who doesn't need a little cash on them every now and then?
Something thoughtful :)
Play Doh
DVD - (I just got The Little Mermaid for my daughter and Planes for my son - both $15 at Target)!
Pajamas - (www.target.com is having 30% off sleepwear)
Crayons (Only $2)!
Bathtime Crayon Set (only $.50)!
Favorite Candy

Ariel Bath Doll
Stuffed animal
Hair Accessories

Water Gun

Hope that helps you find gifts for everyone in the family from the comfort of your own home with a coffee (or glass of wine) without the hustle and bustle of the stores!  Any ideas you can add to my list? Like I said, I am always looking for ideas! I love giving good creative stockings! :)
If you are looking for a general guide you could always follow this one (I added to the original 4 I have seen)...Something they want, need, wear, read, eat, drink, practical, thoughtful - you can obviously be creative with each!  Happy Shopping! :)

~Erin Leigh

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