Friday, February 14, 2014

The Day of Love

I have been teaching the kids that today, Valentine's Day, is the Day of Love...but really, to me it is just another day.  We give lots of hugs and kisses, say lots of daily "I love you's" and do our best to show thoughtfulness year round...which to me, is more important than focusing on one day per year. But, that is just my opinion. We go out to dinner weekly...I would rather go out tomorrow instead of tonight with everyone else (no offense to anyone going out to eat tonight ;) ).  However, the kids and I did decorate some sugar cookies, wear red, made a few homemade Valentine's and did our usual holiday photo shoot. :)
The photo shoot today brought me to do a little thinking about these two characters.  There are few things I love more than the love between my kids.  The constant laughter, dancing, singing, playing, running, protecting, kissing and hugging melts my heart. Yes there are definitely frustrating and overwhelming times as a parent (for example, when they gang up on you for going on vacation, throw simultaneous tantrums or both choose to throw their food or milk on the floor), but it is amazing watching their relationship grow and I can see that those things that can frustrate us as parents are them teaming up (we are probably in for it down the road) and building their little relationship.  They are definitely each other's "other half" right now and I love it.  Here is a look at our little Valentine's Day pictures.  On a side note, a good picture of two toddlers gets harder and harder to capture!
First, this photo proves that they have grown to be simultaneously difficult.  The top is our 2013 Valentine's Day picture which I attempted to repeat - clearly unsuccessful!

And the rest are a few shots I got throughout the morning!

Checking out the driveway being plowed.

Definitely not the greatest hair day! Lol

Always on her toes!

The love! 
And, of course, our Love sugar cookies we made yesterday :)
Hope everyone has a great day!  What are YOUR thoughts about Valentine's Day?  

~Erin Leigh
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  1. aww your children are beautiful Wait til they get older and big little bro wants to keep hi ssis from dating lol

    1. Thank you so much! Yes I can totally see that happening already! He is very protective! :)