Friday, February 7, 2014

The Speed of Life

I love my life and everything about it and the fact that I feel like I was gifted with this ability of being a professional multi-tasker.  Sometimes I feel like I live on fast forward and I am unable to slow down.  I wouldn't ever even attempt to live in slow motion because I know I would flat out fail. I multi-task all day long every single day. I feel like I am feeding, bathing, teaching and playing with the kids all while mentally planning the next activity, meal, event or play date all while thinking about the emails I need to respond to and work related tasks that I need to complete and by when all while planning the order of how I am going to clean the house in the most minimal amount of time all while thinking about my next date night and what I am going to wear and who is going to babysit all while figuring out when I am going to fit in my workout...all while...well you get the point. 

In times that I am actually relaxing (which I can't remember the last time that was...even my daily showers are rushed so I can accomplish as many things as possible before my children wake up), my mind still goes 100 miles an hour thinking about many things (in no particular order), moving, investments, renovations, parenting, schools, kids activities, church, fitness, new recipes, new ideas, blogging, being a better wife, being a better mother, being a better person, what I am going to eat today (yes I even plan that out), what new items I "have to have," what I need to remember to look up when I have a chance, what I need to add to the grocery list, what our next vacation will be (I think about vacations frequently) ..and that is just the start!  How do you slow down and focus on one thing at a time? Turn your mind off from going a million miles an hour?  Am I alone in this million miles per hour lifestyle or do you share that same speed with me? 

There aren't enough hours in the day! 

I will sign off with this "relaxing" photo...what you don't see is behind the scenes we had a screaming child that didn't want her life vest on and I was fearful of my children falling off the boat.  It was a beautiful picture though. :) 

What is YOUR life's speed? 

~Erin Leigh

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