Friday, October 4, 2013

Easy Weeknight Recipe! I figured out the EASIEST recipe on earth!  A few weeks ago I had chicken that needed to be made because I defrosted it the day before, but then we chose to go out to eat (we do that a lot) so it needed to be made...I was running out the door and looked in the pantry to see what we had and we didn't have much to be creative with...but we did have a can of Italian style diced tomatoes. So...this is what I came up with...

Chicken breast (2-4)
1 can of Italian style diced tomatoes

Put in crockpot on high for 3 1/2 hours or on low for 7.

So, I packed it for my husband for work the next day with some Spanish rice...and never having tried the chicken had no clue how it was and he actually texted me out of the blue and said how great his lunch was!  There you have it...easiest ever!  I actually made it again yesterday.

Being as busy as I am I love easy recipes to avoid ordering pizza and wings and other take out during the week. I like saving the take out days for the weekend!

I have some other quick, easy and healthy recipes I love making on busy weeknights I will share soon too! :)  What about you? I would love to add to my list!

~Erin Leigh


  1. I added you to my "blog list" on my blog, looks like we started around the same time :)

  2. Picture please :) And how do you make Spanish rice?

    1. I'll add that one to my list to post! :)