Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lifestyle - Dedication - Habit

You see all these fitness headers like, "Tone your arms in 7 days," and "7 days to a tighter tummy."  Or even this and look like this... 
Now, I am not saying it isn't possible to tone up your arms (a little) in 7 days or follow that routine and look like the picture above, but let's be serious...the media does not paint a realistic picture!

When I was pregnant, I would browse Pinterest dreaming of getting fit (and honestly, dreaming of not being pregnant). I know some people love being pregnant and love everything about it but I was not one of those people. I loved the fact that I was having a baby and bringing a baby into the world, but I hated every physical thing about it...(ok, I did like feeling the baby move....but only between 8am-8pm...and for some reason, they always seem to move more AFTER 8pm!)   Anyways, my fitness board on Pinterest is filled with all these types of workouts.  I was trying to come up with a plan in my head of how I was going to whip myself back in shape.  But, being realistic, you do not get fit in 7 days.  It is a decision you make.  It is a lifestyle. It is dedication.  It becomes a habit.

So...where do you start? I love this...
It's so true!  You need to start somewhere.  Thinking about it doesn't get you any closer to your end result.  What do you do??  Start by making a goal?  Long term AND short term.  Something you are striving for - an end result, and something you can find satisfaction in soon so that you don't lose motivation.

I will give you my own, real life example:  

Here were my goals: 
Long term goal: My goal was to weigh 4 pounds less than I did when I got pregnant. When I got pregnant for the 2nd time, I was 4 pounds less than I was when I got pregnant the first time.  So that would be a total of 8 pounds less than before pregnancy.  (Might be hard to follow written out).  But anyways, that was my long term realistic goal.

I made and met many short term goals in the meantime.

Short term goals: 
1. Get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. 
Next was...
2. Fit into my smallest jeans comfortably.
I felt so accomplished when I met that goal.  This was around the time I was at my pre-pregnancy weight.  Then, those last few pounds are the hardest to lose, so I started working out more and made another goal. 
3. Drop down another inch/pant size.

I met these short term goals and my long term goal around 8 months post pregnancy.

Now, I am currently in the process of working towards another short term goal which is dropping one more inch/pant size.  I then plan to continue working out consistently, stay dedicated and motivated to maintain my size but continue to get more toned.  To stay motivated and dedicated to fitness and health.

I definitely do not have all the answers, but don't go through a 7 day workout expecting to see significant results and then throw in the towel when you don't.  Think realistically. Make a long term goal and start with 1 short term goal! Get fit by next summer! Get into your smallest jeans!

Maybe a goal is to be fit by next summer? That is a great
long term goal. Now make a short term goal. Something you can reach
within a month.  Try to comfortably fit into those smallest jeans you own.    When it is something measurable then you know when you meet it and you can feel accomplished.  Then start all over again!

Hope this helps motivate you to get started.  Remember, it is a lifestyle, it is dedication, it becomes a habit! Good luck! :)

~Erin Leigh

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