Thursday, September 5, 2013

You don't have to be Great to Start!

I know I talk a lot about running, but I have learned to love it. I spoke before of my pure hatred for running in the past but now that I feel like it is something I have conquered, I actually enjoy it!  It does take time to build up to that, but I feel like it is one of the best forms of exercise and every time I am able to run a little farther, it makes me feel good.  I always swore I would NEVER run a marathon...I still think I am not a marathon runner but who knows...maybe I will put that on my bucket list!
The important thing to remember is you have to start somewhere! 
Some tips:
1.  Mentally prepare yourself and commit.
2.  If you don't have a good pair of running sneakers, buy a new pair. I love buying new sneakers! They help motivate me! (Actually, I love buying shoes in general...and clothes...who am I kidding?!)
3.  Put on your sneakers, put on a good playlist or a good station on Pandora (I love the Afrojack station on Pandora for running!)
4.  Start your map my run app to track your distance/time/route/calories burned.
5.  Turn up the volume and start running!
"You don't have to be great to start."  So true!
Start by making small goals and doing a little better each time!
Here is an example:
Choose to run for 2 miles.  Run as far as you can in the beginning of the run, if you feel you need to stop, walk for a minute and then begin running again.  You don't have to run fast. It is the distance you are aiming to reach, not speed.  Trade up the walking and running until you reach your two miles. Next time, do the exact same route but walk less than you did the first time.  Keep track during these beginning runs of how many minutes you ran/walked each run so you can see your improvements until you are running the full 2 miles!
Once you are running the full 2 miles, whether it's your 1st run, or your 25th, you have accomplished your first goal!! Congrats!! Then you want to do 1 of 2 things.  Increase your time in those two miles, or increase your distance. (This becomes goal #2). As you follow this process you will see yourself build up to faster times/greater distances which equals more endurance, a better fitness level and more calories burned!
I encourage everyone to give this a chance.  Maybe running isn't your thing but this process can be applied to all forms of cardio! Or who knows...maybe you will be like me and running will BECOME your thing :)  I would love to hear about your progress if you choose to take the challenge! Good luck!
~Erin Leigh
For moms:  Do you have a hard time finding time to run?  Purchase a jogger and bring your child/children with you! My kids love it! It can help teach them the importance of exercise and they are able to get some fresh air and see the world.  Yes it is heavy, but you can overcome it!


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