Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Proof of Progress

One of the things I did after I had my daughter (child #2) to track my progress was take a photo of my torso every 4 weeks so that I could physically compare photo to photo.  I think that was the best thing I did because it became not only a motivator but it also became proof of progress. After each 4 weeks passed, even though I did not necessarily feel different each time, I could compare pictures and see that my hard work was actually making a difference. 

All I did was take a photo of my torso in the mirror with my iPhone.  Yup, a selfie. Haha.  I would take the photo and compare to the one before.  The first comparison was great because I was comparing to this:
38 weeks pregnant
You can imagine the improvement I saw 4 weeks after that!

Anyways, soon after that, I would say around week 12, I personally started feeling like I didn't feel different.  Like I reached a plateau. Those final pounds are so difficult to lose on the scale.  So, those pictures were the best thing ever because I could physically see the changes in my body by comparing picture to picture.

I wish for purposes of documenting my own journey I kept those photos but I didn't. It's a funny story really.  I deleted them all and I'll tell you why.  My iPhone photos are synced to photo stream so it shares photos with my husbands. That's fine. He sees my torso anyways.  No biggie. But...when we have Apple TV on and the screen saver pops up which is a slideshow of photos from photo stream, and we have guests over watching these cute photos of our kids, and all of a sudden a picture of my torso pops up on the TV while they are all paying close attention...its kind of embarrassing. So, with that being said, I deleted all the pictures because I didn't want to risk to keep having that happen, and I could never remember to delete the photo on photo stream as I took them.  So, for now, I have my 38 week photo and a current photo to compare.  
10 months after delivery
I honestly encourage everyone that is trying to lose weight
to do this.  I want to continue doing this as I work towards new
goals.  Sometimes it is so easy to feel frustrated if you don't see
the number on the scale going down. I have grown to ignore the scale
(typically because I am never happy with the number) and go by how I
feel and how my clothes fit.

So...Proof of progress is tip #1.  It is so motivating. Try it! :)

"It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing, it takes 8 weeks for friends and family, and it takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world.  KEEP GOING."

~Erin Leigh

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